29 April 2011

Box of Letters

Box of letters?
Its a band formed by five talented boys, opps I mean guys.
Hehehe.. lupa pulak budak-budak ni dah besar.
Syahidil Aizat  the lead singer and Raje Farizal the drummer are my juniors at school.
They are damn talented and yes I loved to watch them perform. When I was in the music club at school I usually watched Aizat and his gang perform and it was great. There was one of his own songs that I really loved but I can't quiet remember the title. It touched me especially knowing the story hidden behind the song. I was like, ohhhhhhh, apesal mamat ni berbakat sangat, macam nak sepak-sepak je, I really envy him because he has a great voice and creates great songs and also has a great personality. Tapi kekadang macam hantu jugak dia ni, I still remember he liked teasing me at school, tak sedar diri punya junior buli senior. For Raje, he is the same age as my sister and I watched him perform too and he is damn talented as Aizat.  Enough of my babbling, you guys should just hear their song for yourselves.

If you wanna know more about them this is their Facebook Page and their Official Website. They have a lot of songs already and all of them are great!
Good luck guys in the future, btw I'm one of your biggest fans. Hehe... Keep up the good work! Especially to my juniors.

p/s: dah berulang-ulang aku dengar lagu diaorang neh.

27 April 2011

End of Semester 2

Believe it or not but I've already finished my semester 2 in UiTM Puncak Perdana. Feels like only yesterday I started semester 2. This semester I learnt a lot of things, a lot bout my studies and a lot about life. I experienced many things and did various kind of work. I had my ups and downs, I laughed, I cried, I quarreled and most of all I'm growing up. It was really hard especially changing things that I'm use to do. I learnt a little bit how to survive life there and I'm hoping next semester I could do much more better than this semester. To all of my friends there, you guys are the best. Sorrylah semester ni aku jadi anti-sosial.
 These are some pictures from this semster

Well, those are some of the flashbacks in semester 2. Before I close this post, I wanna write about my housemate. Semester ni macam untung gila dapat housemate dengan senior, lebih-lebih lagi dengan senior-senior sporting. Siapakah?

Kamaria Hana dan Shinkumi Fatin. Siapa kenal angkat tangan macam saya! Kedua-dua akak ni sangat best dan best gilalah! Blogger yang tak kenal Kamaria Hana ni tak yah jadi blogger la, Harapan Marya Hanya Impian , silalah usya blog dia ea. Kakak ni cantik gila, serious, mula-mula aku jumpa dia aku ingatkan dia species budak yang cantik tapi sombong macam tu. Tapi bila kenal dia sangat2 humble dan baik. I really love talking to her especially about blogs sebab dia dah lama jadi blogger daripada aku. Kak Yaya sangat kemas dan barang-barang dia semuanya teratur, siapa kahwin dengan dia memang untung. Confirm rumah akan bersih sentiasa. Heee... nak cakap lagi sekali la.. Cantik gila lah Kak Yaya! Secondly yang kat sebelah kanan yang pegang buku tuh namanya Kak Fatin. Kalau Kak Yaya lawa, Kak Fatin pulak comel. Kak Fatin ni lagi baik sangat2. Sangat2 baik. Dan dia ni juga suka senyum, kekadang aku pun tergelak tengok gelagat Kak Fatin bila bercerita. Tak tau macam mana nak describe lagi tapi seriously kakak2 senior ni sangat baik dan sporting!

15 April 2011

Minggu KaryaOne FACT

Well, being a student of Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology is really exhausting but it is damn fun. Well, this whole week my Faculty held an event called Minggu Karyaone. The purpose for this week is to present to people on what our faculty had done during the past year. Our Dean Prof Madya Razak Mohaiden     was the person who was in charge of this event but of course that managed this event was the students of FACT itself.
For your info, this is the first time ever that FACT has ever done this event and it was a blast. This event should be done every semester.
During the Karyaone Week we had a lot of wacana's and shows. I mostly went to the shows at night. It was great! First I watched Teater Kanak-Kanak, sampai nak pecah perot gelak, the next night was teater menora. Lagilah! Klaka gila, aku sampai sakit-sakit tekak gelak kuat-kuat.
Untuk makluman semua, I didn't just join the Karyaone week as a viewer but I also had to help to. My class was assigned to handle the Wacana on wednesday. I was actually assigned to take care of the multimedia but then there was nothing much to do so I did something else

Tolong budak-badak management B jaga sound system. Thanks to Tok Guru Abe yang tak ada dalam picture di atas yang juga mengajar saya macam mana nak uruskan sound system. I felt really happy since I learnt something new and also had a bit of experience on how the event is actually run.
While handling the audio for that event on Wednesday morning I also worked with Abe yang kesian gila tak cukup tidur time tuh, Azlina which I just new that she is older 2 years than me and also Inora Putri. Nik kat atas ni titiba datng time kitaorang tangkap gambar. Termasuklah Din. Sebenarnya ramai budak Management B yang datang menyemak kat belakang time tuh tapi memang fun coz I actually felt like working a real production.
I really envy them since they had the opportunity to learn a lot of things during the KaryaOne week, they were involved in each and every event handling backstage. Rasa seronok pulak bila dah berborak dengan Inora dengan Lyn. It seems like we do have things in common.
When the 'Malam Kemuncak' actually took place everyone was really excited because that night was when our faculty gave out awards for the students who had made a major success. It was really like in television where we see artists come up stage and get their awards. Memang sebiji cam Anugerah Berita Harian like that. Terasa macam.. emmm.. senang cerita memang gempak gila lah!
That night the hall was packed and all the important people including 28 of Malaysian local artists that came especially  to give out awards for our winners. Erra Fazira, Iqram Dinzly, Rosyam Nor, 1 Nation FC, Siti Nurhaliza.. Ehhh.. Siti xde.. HEHE.. siapa lagi? I can't remember but there were a lot of big names there especially the ones who has been in the art industry for years and really known well across the country. Aku neh sampai nak tekeluar anak tekak menjerit. Siapa nak derma aku strepsil?
We had a lot of categories:

Kategori A (Filem/Video Pendek)
Penerbitan Filem Pendek Terbaik
Pengarah Filem Pendek Terbaik
Pengurusan Penerbitan Filem Pendek Terbaik
Sinematografi Filem Pendek Terbaik
Penataan Seni Filem Pendek Terbaik
Suntingan Filem Pendek Terbaik
Pelakon Filem Pendek Terbaik
Skrip Terbaik Filem Pendek Terbaik

Kategori B (Pementasan/ Teater)
Teater Terbaik
Pengarah Teater Terbaik
Skrip Teater Terbaik
Pelakon Teater Terbaik
Sinografi Teater Terbaik
Pengurusan Teater Terbaik

Kategori C (Dokumentari)
Dokumentari Terbaik

Kategori D (Animasi Pendek)
Penerbitan Filem Animasi Pendek Terbaik

Kategori E (Video Eksperimental)
Video Eksperimantal Terbaik

Kategori F (Muzik Video)
Muzik Video Terbaik

Kategori G (Iklan dan Hebahan Khidmat Awam)
Iklan dan Hebahan Khidmat Awam Terbaik

Kategori H (Poster Produk Kreatif)
Poster Produk Kreatif Terbaik

As you guys can see.. Banyak kan kategori untuk malam tuh? Congrats to all that had won. Nak sebut satu-satu siapa yang menang tuh mmg payahlah kan so overall CONGRATS! Korang memang gila hebat!  That night was such a blast! Lebih2 blast sampai ke outer space. It was AWESOME! Sakit tekak ni masih tak hilang menjerit dan menyokong para pemenang. Tidak lupa juga kepada yang membuat persembahan pada malam tu. Memang gempak gila-gila habislah. Also the management team behind the event yang bertungkus lumus memastikan everything is going out well and also the one's who were in charge of the camera and also for the flow of the program. They all did an excellent job, macam rugi gila tak join crew untuk Minggu Karyaone neh. One more thing were the short videos that we shown just after each pencalonan diumumkan. Memang sumpah lawak gila habis. Aku memang dah tak cover-cover gelak lagi yang mana aku tak pernah cover gelak sebelum ni pun aku rasa dah tahap extreme aku gelak malam tadi.
Overall Malam Karyaone last night memang gempak! Event paling gempak aku penah pergi. Siapa yang tak pergi tu memang rugi! Rugi sangat-sangat.
I hope one day I'll go on stage and receive an award to.
I didn't take a lot of pictures coz I'm really lazy to snap pictures now. Kebanyakan muka aku menyemak dalam camera orang lain. Aku nyesal pulak pakai baju neh, ni lah rupa orang yang dah tak ada baju nak pakai. Wardrobe aku dah kosong. I need new clothes mum.

Before I forget, Thank You Vice Chanselor UiTM Dr Sahol Hamid for paying attention to us. Thank you for that RM100 million that you are giving our faculty for a new building and also for Dewan Sri Budiman. Thank you a lot. Banganya kami jadi student FACT.

09 April 2011

Diploma Showcase

This Post is too long, Please read the first part only. Thank you

Last night I went to the Diploma Showcase Theatre showing Datuk Harimau and Mosaic. Sumpah best gila, Experimantal yang sangat hebat ea. Memang rugi siapa yang tak pergi tengok. This is last diploma showcase that my faculty is ever doing so its really a waste if you guys don't go.

The Diploma Showcase for this semester has four shows, Hujung Dunia (Aminah Raphor), Mozek (Prof. Ches J. Skinner), 1 Plastik Hitam (Syahrul Fithri Musa) and Datuk Haimau (Umi Kalsom Ahmad). In each show shows two shows at once so if you guys want to watch all of them you have to buy two tickets.
RM15 Lower Seats
RM10 Upper Seats
* Free Sitting
Nak pergi?
Boleh hubungi saya di talian 017, ehhh.. better you guys call bos beasr terus la.
Hubungi Taufiq: 013-6804936
Make sure you guys book tickets Saturday and Sunday show viewing at these times:
Venue:  Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Auditorium
Overall, the comments that I heard from the viewers they all said that the theatre was a blast but the most was 1 Plastik Hitam and Datuk Harimau. I've watched Datuk Harimau and it was a total blast, now I wanna go and watch 1 Plastik Hitam so I hope that I'll be seeing you guys there.

Only read this if you think you don't have anything else to do
Sorry la, tapi kadang-kadang kena ada iklan jugak kan? HAHA.. But seriously you guys should go, the show was great. I'm not saying this because I'm selling tickets okay.
Sebenarnya why I'm writing today pun cause I just wanted to tell you guys that yesterday was a bit interesting.

Firstly I was struggling to complete Cik Sya's assignments. Malam sebelum tu konon-kononlah nak siapkan dulu sampai habis sebelum tido walau lewat mana sekalipun tapi bila dah masuk kol 12 mata dah mula terkelip-kelip, otak pun macam slow semacam, mana taknya pengunaanya dah nak sampai hadnya macam maxis broadband aku neh. Asyik kena topup je eventhough tiap-tiap bulan bayar RM68, Haihh.. sakit hati aku dengan maxis broadband nih. All they do is cheat. Anyone please suggest me a new broadband please.

Okay then, back to the story, the next morning around five I tried finishing his assignments but it was still no use, I only managed to finish it up at 2pm where I was already in front of his classroom and he came at three. Lega akhirnya dapat hantar eventhough I wasn't feeling so great since I think that I didn't do such of a good job since it was last minute work and also because my freinds.. Hummmm.. Entahlah..

Then that afternoon around four I followed Mukmin (Along) to sell the theatre tickets at UiTM Induk including Dea as a volunteer. Gigih ea Dea.. Hehe..There was suppose to be an event there but when we went the event was actually today. So we went to UiTM Induk for nothing but for a waste of petroleum.

After that I followed somebody to a flower store. Guess for what? Yaa.. of course la..Including this it has been about three times since I accompanied someone to buy flowers for their ehem ehem..  Haihh.. Melihat muka kegembiraan dia membeli bunga-bunga tuh buat aku tergelak, tak habis sengih sorang-sorang pulak tuh. Then that person keeps asking me weather that person would accept it or not until I wanted to smack that persons head with those flowers. Even akak yang jual bunga tu pun sampai kata "Adik, boleh diam sekejap tak" HAHA.. I laughed really loud since my friend there was asking that akak a lot of questions.

One thing that I really wanted to do when while that akak was busy wrapping the flowers was go out of that store. Akak itu dah mula annoying since she kept talking about love and couples and feelings and menda2 haram jadah ni. Isk.. Now I feel like a looser since I don't have anybody. Erghhh... Dah la kepala aku memang tengah pening time tuh bertambah-tambah pening pasal akak bunga tuh.Isk.. setakat bunga je kot, (nak sedapkan hati je ni). HAHA

Then that night Mukmin who was going to watch the diploma showcase took me and Dea along. The show was great! I mean it.

Around 12 we headed back to Puncak, then when we finally reached Shah Alam we stopped at Shell to buy somthing since Mukmin was already drowsy. Then when we got back into the car, the car couldn't start. We were like, Ouhh Nooo.. Semua dah penat dah time tuh then kereta pulak buat hal. After around 15 minutes Mukmin checked everything and the car was still  not working.

Then we had to ask for help, while waiting help to arrive, there was an Uncle that looked at the engine and gave his views and perspectives, I just kept nodding since it was not my car so I couldn't find much to say. Kesiam Mukmin he looked so tired while me and Dea was laughing around like crazy women. Then a younger guy came but of course older than us. He checked our engine and so on until helped arrived. While Mukimin was busy with his car and the others looking at it I was busy selling tickets.

Mampu tak promote ticket teater around 2am in the morning. Rupanya the abang that helped us was actually my dad's student. What a small world, yang kelakarnya he said "kalau prof senyum tuh dah cukup untung dah". I know my dad is strict but I don't expect him to be that strict with his students since he does has his humor side at home.

When the car was all fixed we all went home. Thanks to those who helped, thank you very much. Nasib baik Pak Guard bagi masuk if not memang kena panjat pagar lah.

07 April 2011

The Battle of The Instrumentals

You guys should totally check this out
As I was browsing through youtube yesterday I was watching most of Sam Tsui videos and then I came across this.
You should watch all the videos if you want to know the whole story

These guys are damn talented
They can make music just out of anything
Don't you think so?

P/s: Kurt is cute!

03 April 2011


Yupp.. A new design. Actually I didn't plan it, somehow in a sudden I felt like my last blog looked really messy and messed up just like my head right now. So I changed it into something much simpler and neat. I hope you guys feel the same way as I do. Its not complete a 100% coz I'm still struggling with my assignments. These assignments are really killing me with my unstable mood I feel like I just wanna smack anyone or anything. Huhu.. Ganas kan?
Assignment Ayh agi baru siap separuh ni. Tension gila. Look for yourself betapa strugglenya aku buat yang terbaik

Kat bawah tu dah dekat 5 words aku bukak, buat kerja tak tentu. I'm getting dizzy already. Entah hape aku bebel ni. Inilah kerja aku tiap-tiap pagi sekarang. Siapa yang bagi mesej lepas kol 10 or even call jangan haraplah ada responce dari aku. Sorrylah, I don't have the habit to sleep late and waking up late. Dah terbiasa dari kecik, ayah dulu rotan kalau tido lambat and bangun lambat sampai tak solat subuh. Gila takut ngan ayah dulu sampai jadi macam ni. I wake up around 4am to 6am every morning. 6am to dah paling lewatlah. memang skema gila kan?
Habits are really hard to change.
Actually there's no reason for this post actually, I just felt like I wanted to write something that I want.
Well guys, doakan aku dapat siapkan segala assignments ni on time.
Thanks and Bye!