24 March 2018


Believe or not but I have control over my husbands' whereabouts. Lol... That sounds so wrong! If you've been following me on Instagram you'll see that I posted a few of my husbands' whereabouts from time to time in my Insta-stories. #BINISTALKER He can never lie to me nor has he so far (as from what I know) because I'll always be checking if he has been somewhere he isn't supposed to be. I know, I sound like such a bad wife but I bet you're curious to know too! Don't lie, because you're sure gonna be hitting the read more button below.

22 March 2018


Hey peeps, some of you may have known that I worked for Althea Korea and hearing the news that I resigned from this company might have shocked you as some have approached me asking why. For those who are new here, Althea is an online shopping platform where you could shop authentic Korean products which ships them directly from Korea itself. Its been almost 2 years since I worked there as a Social Media Executive from a fresh grad until now, which the time has finally come for me to say goodbye. Which to my surprise seems to be shocking to some of you as you've seen my insta-stories where I mostly post about the things we roll there which looks like a dream job for everyone. So why did I leave all that when its so hard to find a job now, especially when I've found the perfect job which I know most of you are still struggling to find. Well here are the reasons.

10 March 2018


It's been a while but here's another post of #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTSThis was back in 2015, LOL... that long already. I don't know where this lipstick is already but it must be expired already, at least I remember using it quite a lot to class. I was in my final year of Degree when I received this as a door gift, at that time I loved taking pictures of products so I could keep it as a memory here on my blog that I've used this product before, for future reference if I should buy it in the future or not. Turns out my time was so packed that I only managed to draft out a writing in 2018. LOL... Anyways, there was no requirement for a post back then, I just wanted to share my opinion on this product, plus I already took photos, it's such a waste to delete it after all this time. So if you're curious to know more, keep on reading.

04 March 2018


Boy, how fast time flies and my son is already 3 months old. From a person who doesn't really like kids and babies, I could say I've changed so much, probably my motherly instincts are growing stronger by day. It's hard to be apart from my son and when I am, I'm constantly thinking of him. The journey has not been easy, there was a lot of struggle along the way, even now I'm still trying to get the hang of it since I'm unable to be with him every day. The hardest part is always being away from him. Why am I apart? Well, I'm still a full-time worker.

28 January 2018


Sambung post aku yang sebelum ni, aku memang dah nekad nak bersalin dekat hospital shah alam jadi aku banyak google pengalaman orang bersalin dekat sana. Aku terus ke PIC, dari pintu utama tu belok kiri, betul-betul sebelah emergency. Masa daftar hanya ibu mengandung je dibenarkan masuk so tak payah la nak suruh sesiapa teman. Masa daftar nurse tanya kenapa datang hospital, aku cakaplah ketuban dah pecah. Dia minta IC dan buku pink lepas tu suruh aku baring dekat katil. Tak sampai 5 minit ada nurse datang pasang tali dekat perut aku. Aku tak pasti apa nama mesin tu tapi yang aku tahu untuk baca contraction. Lama jugak aku dalam bilik tu sebab nurse cakap bacaan tak cantik, baby aku tido and aku masih tak faham sebab apa dia pasang mesin tu dekat aku. Haha...

27 January 2018


lt's mostly every mothers dream to give the best to their child and it usually starts with feeding. We all now are aware of how good mothers milk is to our baby. During our generation mostly we've been fed by powdered milk which actually is quite hard for newborns to digest but still most of us grew perfectly healthy, so it's really up to the mother on how she prefers to feed her newborn. For me I've been leaking milk even before Maliq was born and since I do have milk to give, I'm trying my very best too fully breastfeed him and honestly, it's a challenge. Read more to know...